Enjoy a perfect, natural-looking lawn all year round.

Superior quality, suitable for multi-functional applications such as gardens, landscaping,
balconies, rooftops etc. Introducing LazyLawn 20 & LazyLawn 35

LazyLawn 20 and LazyLawn 35, your answer to maintenance free, water free lawn.

LazyLawn is a superior quality artificial grass manufactured to a higher standard than most grass popularly available in South Africa today. It is produced with the South African climate in mind, has a warranty of 8 years, But will generally give 10 to 15 years of good service, depending on the application. LazyLawn has a natural looking four tone mix of yarns which creates harmony with the natural garden environment, through every season. Fresh green lawns, all year through automatically make us more relaxed in our surroundings, because the colour green strikes the eye in such a way that it requires no adjustment whatsoever. Green being at the centre of the spectrum is the colour of balance – a more important concept than many people realise. Just think how you feel in the off season when the natural grass is brown and dull! The other big plus of course is that you will never need to water, mow, weed or fertilize your lawn ever again with LazyLawn. LazyLawn 20 or 35 is ideal for use as a landscaping grass in the garden, as well as for use on balconies, terrace gardens, flat roofs, shade areas where natural grass will not grow, and many more applications. LazyLawn is a superior quality high density grass that looks and feels like real grass. Shorter grasses such as 10 or 15mm will flatted down very quickly resulting in what looks like a green carpet and nothing like real grass. So, take care when selecting a grass to consider what it will look like in a few months after installation – all grasses look good on the roll!

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Superior quality, suitable for multi-functional applications such as gardens, landscaping, balconies, rooftops etc. Introducing LazyLawn 20 & LazyLawn 35

LazyLawn 20


LazyLawn 35

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Key Benefits

lazylawn is eco friendly

Eco Friendly

LazyLawn is environmentally friendly: It eliminates the need for regular watering, and use of harmful chemicals that seep into the soil (fertilizers, pesticides, weed killer, etc.) Additionally LazyLawn is totally recyclable.

lazylawn is pet friendly

Pet Friendly

Urine has no effect on LazyLawn as it has 50 water holes per m2 to allow liquid to pass through to the soil below. (Assuming that it’s fitted over a garden soil area). Any defecation on the grass can be lifted and hosed away just as you would on normal grass.

lazylawn is long lasting

Long Lasting

LazyLawn is basically unaffected by the elements as it has a primary backing of UV stabilized, Polypropylene material which is water-resistant and has a coating of latex rubber styrene butadiene as a backing.


High Density

LazyLawn is what is classified as a high density grass product with a rating of 16,800 tufts per square metre. This means that it will withstand greater wear and tear than many other grasses with a lower density rating.


Easy Installation

LazyLawn is easy to install and full details of how to do this are available for download above.

lazylawn no sand filling

No Sand Filling Required

Because Lazylawn is a high density grass it is not necessary to apply sand filling to achieve a great end result.  Sand fill requires regular maintenance because the sand erodes with wind and rain.

LazyLawn is easy to install


LazyLawn is easy to install especially with the LazyLawn wide format roll (4m wide) because with wide roll you will have fewer joints than with the narrower 2 and 3m wide formats. If you follow the simple instructions on our web site you can’t go wrong.

Download the installation guide in the home section above to see how it’s done. Optionally we can always recommend a professional to do this work for you.

Superior quality, suitable for multi-functional applications such as gardens, landscaping, balconies, rooftops etc.
  • 8 Year Warranty

  • 4 Tone Colour

  • 20mm & 35mm long grass

  • LazyLawn is a high Density grass with much higher ratings than many of the other products offered in South Africa today

  • Roll Width: 2m x 4m rolls each 25m long, Cut Sizes also available off the roll to suit your needs