Let’s be honest, we all have the same dream; mature trees casting dappled shadows over soft green grass, children playing ball games and gorgeous flowering bushes nodding their beautiful heads in your verdant paradise. However, the past few years of water shortages may have left us with more of a dustbowl. The answer to this Mad Max style wasteland that was once your backyard may not be what you think: have you considered artificial grass? Why are so many people turning to fake turf and ditching the conventional lawns? One reason is water – or rather, lack of.

The Hidden Cost of Lawn Maintenance – Water Usage

We all love a stretch of flat green grass, ideal for games, picnics, entertaining, or simply restoring our tired minds after a long day of staring at gunmetal grey office walls. Sadly, the cost of maintaining this green carpet can be higher than we may imagine. To keep your lawn green (especially in sunny South Africa) requires an average of 250 litres of water per 10m². What does that actually mean in real terms? Well, a half-acre area of lawn (2000m²) would suck up a whopping 50 000 litres of water in a single watering. In summer when you may be watering (at least) once a week, we’re averaging 200 000 litres on your lawn each month! (Calculate your water usage here)

Artificial Grass is the Solution

For us eco-warriors out there, we need another option. Rainwater harvesting is a great idea, as well as reusing grey water. However, the hassle-free option of artificial grass remains a brilliant plan. Instant, soft green lawn that requires no watering (at all), a 10-year guarantee with an expected life of 15 – 20 years, no fertilizer, no mowing, and no weeding… how does that sound? In a water-scarce country with an increasing cost of living, it makes sense to find a long-term solution that satisfies all your needs.

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