Like the common cold, there seems to be no cure for weeds. Just when you think you’ve finally seen the last of them, they have a way of sprouting in the middle of your tarred driveway the minute the rains start! Aha, but you’re thinking that if you lay artificial grass then you won’t have to deal with these pesky weeds, right?

Well, for the most part, you’re right. If you have had your artificial grass properly installed, then you will have seen the pros:

  • Excavate the area to be grassed to level it and remove the root systems of existing plants and weeds;
  • Spray the area with a suitable weed killer;
  • Add a substrate and compact the area;
  • Lay the (pretty heavy) artificial grass.

If these steps have been followed then you may find yourself picking at the odd MacGyver-style weed at the edges of the turf, but really, your weeding days are over.

Preventing Weeds in Your Artificial Grass

However, as we know, weeds are determined little suckers and can prove resistant to the most valiant efforts to eradicate them.

Seeds that have blown in or which are dropped by birds will try to find a place to germinate, and one of the most vulnerable areas in your artificial lawn (besides the edges) is the space in between each row of turf. No matter how tightly laid these are, you may find a little blighter sticking its head through. The lack of water and the difficulty in rooting will make life tough for weeds, so when you see them, pluck them out.

By and large, the weight and structure of the turf makes weed growth very tricky, so you can safely say that your weed-pulling days are over. Mostly.

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