We’re sure you’re as excited as we are to see your lush, green lawn going down and transforming your backyard into a virtual paradise. No more weekends sweating beneath the sweltering South African sun as you push your reluctant mower up and down again, and again. No more trimming, filling holes, fertilising, watering and edging! Your next topic to consider now that the hard work is done is caring for your artificial grass.

Caring for Artificial Grass is Easier Than You Think

It’s no accident that we’re called Lazy Lawn. Caring for your artificial lawn will make you wonder why you didn’t do this years ago!

Are you ready?

  1. Brush or sweep your grass. This can usually be done once a week, gently and with a soft bristled broom or a flexible rake. A light sweep is the best way to remove leaves, small twigs and other debris and helps the turf to maintain its shape and volume. (Be sure to sweep against the grain of the fibres for the best results)

A leaf blower also works well on artificial grass and can speed up the clean-up.

  1. Be sure to clean up pet mess, food or other spillages as soon as you can. Getting rid of the solid mess first allows you to get to any residual products that may stain or compromise your grass. If necessary, wash the affected area down with mild soap and warm water solution. If any lingering smells remain, try using a vinegar solution in a spray bottle.


  1. Hose down your turf once a month, focusing on areas where your pets may prefer to pee, or high traffic areas. Having said that, during the rainy season you won’t need to do this as often as the rainwater will do this job for you. If necessary, depending on how you and your pets use the garden, buy a bottle of turf deodoriser which will help keep odours under control without compromising the integrity of your artificial grass.

And that is pretty much it. Caring for your artificial grass really doesn’t get much easier than this!

If you’re ready to lay your lawn and want our awesome products in your backyard, contact Lazy Lawn today.