If you are a property owner and make your living out of renting out or even buying and selling property, then you most certainly know the value of curb appeal. What exactly is curb appeal? Imagine this: you drive down a road and see a property for sale. As you slow down to take a closer look, you notice that the verge is overgrown, and the driveway is full of weeds. The gates need painting and there is too much overgrowth to see the house properly from the road.

It is this first impression that many have come to know as curb appeal – how appealing does the property look from the road at first glance?

But, what does curb appeal have to do with artificial grass?

The Value of Artificial Grass for Great Curb Appeal

If you own more than one residential property, then you know how much time and money it takes to keep it in tip-top shape. The value of these homes lies very much in keeping them well maintained and looking good. That way, you can ensure that you get a high quality of tenant and they are happy to pay the rent that you are asking.

A fresh green blanket of artificial grass gives an immediate and permanent facelift to any property. Cold dry winters wreak havoc on our lawns, leaving them brown and crispy. Warm wet summers equal manic growth and an enormous amount of mowing, raking and trimming to keep them looking amazing. Artificial grass goes down once and looks incredible all year round.

What about maintenance? Well, that’s the easy part. A leaf blower after a windy night and the occasional hose down if things get muddy around the edges will clean it right up.

There’s no denying that a thick green lawn on your verge or surrounding a pathway leading up to your front door is a winner, and keeps your properties looking beautifully maintained and exclusive.

If you would like to take the easy route for instant, long-lasting curb appeal, then chat with the Lazy Lawn team now.