Fake news. Fake friends. Fake smiles. Yes, that word does tend to carry with it a negative connotation. But what about these? Fake tan, fake nails, fake grass… Fake or artificial options aren’t always a bad thing and can bring with them some incredibly useful benefits. Consider fake grass, for example. Today’s options are a far cry from the tacky and tasteless versions of yesteryear. In fact, artificial lawns (from Lazylawn, naturally!) can look better than the real thing with far less effort. And let’s face it, when we have little people, cats, dogs and a mortgage, ‘less effort’ sounds like a pretty good option.

Why is Fake Grass Perfect for Families?

Most families need the same things. Low maintenance, practical spaces which work for everyone.

Usable outdoor space

A flat, soft, green lawn is just begging to be rolled on. Kids and adults alike have a million uses for a park-like expanse of thorn-free, springy, grass from picnics to cricket. A patch of fake grass provides exactly this, even in areas beneath shady trees where lawn refuses to grow. A piece of artificial lawn can even be positioned in a conservatory or on a verandah and offers a soft and comfortable play area when the weather isn’t behaving.

Easy to clean

Many of our clients are worried about the effect that their pets will have on their newly laid fake lawn because let’s face it, dogs don’t care how much you paid for your grass! However, you may be surprised to know that it’s even easier to keep clean than a traditional lawn. The tufts of yarn making up the grass are plugged securely into a hardy backing material which allows moisture through. If the mess is, well, a little more solid, then you would deal with it as usual – scooping up the offending product and then hosing down the spot with a spray of water. Sorted! Leaves and debris are taken care of with a flexible rake or a leaf blower.

Soft on little bodies

Kids seem determined to break themselves, and every parent will be familiar with skinned knees, bumped heads and bruised elbows. Adding fake grass to your garden (especially beneath jungle gyms) provides a soft landing for clumsy little bodies. Adulting is tough enough without having to worry about your back yard. Let us make it a little easier for you by installing a gorgeous stretch of lush green (fake) grass. Talk to our team today.