We love our furry friends! We want them to enjoy a great life alongside ours where we are all comfortable and happy in our environment. However, our pets don’t always place the same value on our home as we do. If you want the benefits of a stunning lawn as well as happy pets, then you may have asked the question, “Can I have fake grass with my pets?”

What are the challenges of combining the two?

The Fake Grass Pet Toilet

Without putting too fine a point on it, cats and dogs are going to pee on our grass. We don’t want our brand new artificial lawn to look and smell like a pet potty – so what’s the deal?

You would deal with pet waste on fake turf in much the same way as you would on normal grass. Solid waste is scooped up and disposed of and urine just tends to soak away. However, to prevent your lawn from smelling, we recommend using a little warm water mixed with vinegar on the spots where your pets may be going more regularly. This mixture eliminates odours and acts as an anti-bacterial agent. Take a look in your local garden store too, they have a selection of odour neutralising products which you can add to your cleaning regime. Occasionally hosing down your turf, perhaps a couple of times a month, will help to keep it clean.

Fake Grass and Digging Dogs

You’ll be happy to know that the resilient fibres which make up your newly laid fake grass are strong enough to withstand a determined digger. Dogs will soon learn that this is not much fun, but keep an eye on them if they are of the more obstinate breed. Even tough, hardwearing artificial grass has its limits… eventually.

If you’ve been debating with your spouse about the feasibility of getting fake grass, then stop stressing. A little maintenance and your same regular cleaning program will be enough to keep your artificial turf looking fantastic.