Aside from the green, green grass of home, and the green grass that grows all around, there are so many exciting uses for artificial grass which may make you think about grabbing yourself a few rolls of this versatile greenery.

4 Fun Uses for Artificial Grass

Family Fun

Small yards, that deadly space under jungle gyms, those empty patches beneath leafy trees – all these areas would look amazing with a layer of artificial grass. An instantly green and welcoming space can change the use of an unfriendly garden and make it a mini paradise for kids and pets alike.

Sports Fun

Are you a golfing enthusiast? Is your child a budding Tiger Woods? If so then why not consider installing a putting green at home? Either call in the pros to lay it quickly and efficiently or make a weekend of it and do it yourself. The permanently smooth, grassy surface will certainly improve your putting, and your little ones can have their own mini course to practice their skills.

Football, rugby and a fun game of rounders are made so much more pleasurable on the soft green turf which can easily stand up to the pounding of many little feet.

Décor & Style

We know that the main uses for artificial grass lie within the landscaping arena, but it can also be used to stunning effect on balconies, in courtyards, and in business parks. No mess, no upkeep, and so easy to keep clean – it’s a no-brainer.

Schools and Play Centres

Soft little bodies need a soft landing, and what better way to provide this for daycare or preschools than by using artificial grass. Bigger schools will find the lower maintenance costs of the hard-wearing turf ideal in providing a cool and comfortable place for young people to spend their break time.

Do you need any more reasons to switch to artificial grass? We didn’t think so – call us today and let us make your life greener.