South Africa is known for our critters. While we don’t ride elephants to work like the rest of the English-speaking world imagines we do, we still have our fair share of creatures in and around the house which continue to cause mayhem. A problem which keeps rearing its head – so to speak – is the destruction that moles bring. What’s the deal with moles and artificial grass?

Those muddy eyesores dotted across our garden are enough to drive us crazy and we wonder if we shouldn’t just tar the area and be done! The other options may err on the side of cruel and none of us wants to be responsible for the demise of these fuzzy little critters.

But did you know that artificial grass may be the answer you’ve been looking for?

All About Moles and Artificial Grass

By understanding how moles operate, we begin to understand why they aren’t fond of artificial grass. Moles feed on worms and grubs in the soft top layer of soil, and in the meantime create those ghastly tunnels as they carry on their merry way. Their little claws are incredible digging machines and they can cause a huge amount of damage to our pride and joy when left to their own devices.

However, professionally laid artificial grass will usually rest on carefully prepared ground which includes compacting soil and adding various layers of substrate to facilitate a firm foundation and good drainage. This, in addition to a layer of heavy turf, makes the underlying soil virtually uninhabitable for both the grubs that the moles are after and the moles themselves.

Artificial grass is a great mole deterrent as well as a brilliant choice for homeowners who want year-round parklike lawn without the headache. Call Lazy Lawn today and let’s get to work in your garden.