We all know that personal style in home décor is incredibly subjective, and even an expensive ‘designer’ accessory can look tacky in the wrong setting. Having said that, there has been a move toward the use of artificial turf in home styling, and with startling results.
It’s worth noting at this point, that when we talk about artificial turf, we are not referring to the flat olive-green rug lookalikes from days gone by. Rather, we’re looking at the thick, springy, multi-toned and natural looking turf that just looks fabulous from the moment it’s installed.

Décor Ideas with Artificial Turf  No Garden? No Problem.

Not all of us are blessed to live in tree-lined suburbs with grass verges and expansive gardens. So what do we do for a little outside space when we have none? Loft apartments and rooftop spaces provide the perfect setting to create a green and restful area for year-round use. A relatively small piece of artificial grass installed on a concrete base has the power to transform a hot and unattractive courtyard or rooftop into a lush, cool and comfortable retreat. Even a small courtyard can be converted into a miniature park with the clever placement of potted plants atop a strip of gorgeous green ‘grass’.

Usable outdoor space

A flat, soft, green lawn is just begging to be rolled on. Kids and adults alike have a million uses for a park-like expanse of thorn-free, springy, grass from picnics to cricket. A patch of fake grass provides exactly this, even in areas beneath shady trees where lawn refuses to grow.
A piece of artificial lawn can even be positioned in a conservatory or on a verandah and offers a soft and comfortable play area when the weather isn’t behaving.

Practically Modern

Many of us live in secure estates with a lock-up-and-go lifestyle. Artificial lawn is absolutely perfect for that small garden space, as it looks good all year round, it requires no mowing, fertilizer or watering. What a win! While we’re talking modern, many style gurus have chosen to bring the outdoors inside by making use of fake turf as occasional rugs, perhaps under a coffee table or on a deck. We have even seen some risk-takers using this versatile product to line walls in bathrooms and stairwells.

Kids’ Space

If you’ve never seen a little person’s face light up as they enter their newly decorated bedroom and it has a turf floor, then it’s something to add to your bucket list. This hard-wearing and practical product makes a wonderfully unique floor covering and creates a special ambience all its own. And of course, when the little one gets older, you simply lift it up and recycle it. Indeed, artificial turf is not just for gardens. Where will you put yours?