Do you need a quick (and long-lasting) fix for your dusty front garden? Are you planning an event which requires an attractive yet hard-wearing flooring solution? Do you have a roof terrace or balcony which would be perfect with a soft grassy feel underfoot? If you’ve said yes to any of these questions, then you are probably in the market for artificial grass.

Choosing the right artificial grass isn’t as easy as you may imagine. Once you start calling for quotes, you’ll be asked all sorts of questions and have to wade through some industry technology that will make your head spin.

Here at Lazy Lawn, we like things simple. So, when you come across the term “Dtex”, here’s what you need to know.

What is Dtex?

Dtex is short for Decitex which is a unit of measure of yarn. In much the same way as nylon tights come with a denier rating – the lower the rating, the finer the nylon thread and the sheerer the tights. A higher denier means thicker thread and heavier tights.

Dtex measures the mass of yarn in grams per 10 000 meters. So, the thicker the yarn (or blade of grass), the heavier the mass, and the higher the Dtex rating.

You’re probably thinking, well, if it’s thicker that would make it more hardwearing and it would last longer. And you’d be totally correct!

However, there is something else to consider. The thicker the blade of grass (piece of yarn), the harder it is. So, a sports field or a commercial space should certainly be looking at a higher Dtex rating as it is going to stand up to the tough demands placed on it.

But you’d rather go with a lower Dtex for your back garden where your kids and pets will be playing, as this will provide a softer and friendlier look and feel. A stiff and hardy installation of artificial grass would last ages, granted, but it would be tough on soft little feet.

Dtex Unpacked

So, the bottom line is this: Don’t spend a fortune on a high Dtex product if you don’t need to. Talk to Lazy Lawn who always offer sound advice on what you need (and why!) so you can make the right Dtex choice for your artificial grass needs.