It’s very simple! You want to make sure that the investment you have made on installing your top-quality artificial lawn is safe, and you have a great product that will stand the test of time. If this is you, then take a quick stroll with us on one of our Lazy Lawns as we discuss the best backing for artificial lawn.

Artificial lawn is manufactured to mimic the beauty of natural grass (minus the headaches!) and therefore is made up of thousands of pieces of yarn woven into tufts and secured to a hardy backing.

All too often – and because you don’t see it once it’s been laid – buyers don’t spend enough time considering the quality of the lawn backing. They end up with a product that splits apart or disintegrates irreparably, completely destroying the lush lawn that was supposed to last for years.

There are several turf backing choices available depending on the requirements of the grass.

For example, a non-permeable backing would be chosen for putting greens which need to adhere to strict golfing standards. Another choice would be hole-punch backing which is manufactured with a solid back and then has holes punched through at intervals for drainage. Other, more costly options are created to allow 100 percent uniform drainage through the backing.

Lazy Lawn Backing for Artificial Lawn

Here’s what we know. The South African climate is a bit of a beast, with frigid winters in some places and mind-meltingly hot summers in others. Add to this, torrential rains, frost and of course our hot African sun, and you can appreciate that we need to create something pretty hardy for our SA clients.

Our backing consists of a woven fabric which is reinforced with thread and has layers of a superior, high-quality latex rubber (Styrene-Butadiene) smoothed across the finished product. This has given us a stable and long-lasting backing which can withstand everything that our SA climate has to throw at it. We also know that you love your pets, which means we have ensured good drainage with approx. 50 drain holes per m2 to soak away doggy pee and keep our lawn looking (and smelling) awesome.

Do you have questions about choosing the right backing for your artificial grass? Give us a call.