Whether you are a green-fingered gardening guru or more of an amateur experimenter who digs shallow graves for their plants, you will know the challenges of keeping your outside space looking spectacular. Landscaping is not for the faint of heart, and comes with its own set of challenges; from dassies which eat – literally – everything, to moles, monkeys, caterpillars and locusts. It can sometimes feel like your gardening efforts are purely for the benefit of the local wildlife. We’d like to offer you a small light at the end of your tunnel (see what we did there?) which will help to alleviate some of your landscaping woes. Many die-hard landscapers shudder at the words “artificial lawn”, assuming it’s a cop-out from the purity of traditional gardening. Here’s what we think:

The Pros of Artificial Lawn in Landscaping

  1. Do you have a patch of dirt beneath those beautiful trees? Yes, that’s because things don’t grow in the shade. Artificial lawn can be positioned below these trees, right up against the trunk and look incredible all year round.
  2. Are you struggling to grow grass on a steep bank? Just as your little seedlings start to take hold along comes Hurricane Bob and washes away all your hard work? Artificial lawn goes down easily, can be pinned into place, and looks awesome. (Also, no mowing those banks!)
  3. Do you have pavers which keep getting choked with weeds and debris? Yes, you guessed it – cut a few strips of artificial grass and set them in between the paving stones. They allow water to drain through but will stop the weeds coming up.
  4. With summer coming around, we can expect those blistering hot days which seem to parch everything in our garden. Winter, in some provinces, is incredibly dry which wreaks havoc on our landscaping efforts. Artificial turf remains blissfully unaffected.

So there you have it, four great reasons to consider using artificial grass in your next landscaping endeavour. Our Lazylawn team are standing by to assist.